Jams & Honey


Honey is a by-product of wild perennial trees here in Niger Republic. Their flowers are the primary source of nectar.


Wild perennial trees can also provide delicious spices and seasonings.


Green leafy vegetables are one of the major missing parts in modern diet and yet nature provides us with a large selection of natural leaves. Those leaves have a long culinary history among the people of the Sahel.


If you are looking for an interesting snack for example to celebrate a wedding, a naming day, a birthday or another feast.


Nuts are available in a great variety throughout the world, though they are still underestimated as healthy snack. Niger offers a small variety of nuts. Each of them has their own nutritional composition with their own health benefits. Nuts can be well used in sauces, but are more used as a snack.



Pseudo-cereals are nowadays more and more appreciated because they provide in gluten-free food that often has a higher protein content. They are called pseudo-cereals because their seed and/or fruit can be ground into flour or otherwise be used much the same way as cereals. However those pseudo-cereals don''t belong to the family of the grasses as the more popular cereals.

Drinks & Juices


Juices, and especially when they are cold, are well appreciated in the warm Sahelian climate we have in Niger Republic. Most of our juices are made from fruitflesh of wild perennials. Every juice has its own specific taste and its own nutritional composition.

Fruit pulps

Many fruits of the wild perennials in Niger Republic contain a very nutritious fruit flesh that can be taken off the fruit, dried, pounded, sieved and packed. Those pulps can be used to make juices or to savour for example porridge. We sell those pure fruit powders in boxes.


We produce 100% pure high quality oils pressed at our production site. Those oils can be used as food in sauces, as seasoning in salads, for frying, but they are very often also appreciated for cosmetic use to soften the skin or as a hair treatment.